Timeline of Events

1880: There were four schools or Muktabs in Kholvad India that were managed by Messers Hajee Ismail Hajee, Goolam Nabi Moolabhai, Ahmed Ebrahim Bhayat and Mahomed Behra.

1883: Similar to other villages struggling under British rule in India, poor peasants from Kholvad arrived in South Africa seeking a better life.

1890: Ahmed Chothia (Chacha) and Hajee Ismail Patel who had settled in Reunion formed the first Madressa in Kholvad. The Madressa was opened by the Governor of the Gujerati Province.

1895: A meeting of Kholvadians in Johannesburg was convened at the shop of A. E. Mogalia, and money was raised to purchase land.

1905: The Trust Deed of MAIK 1905 was signed in Krugersdorp and the first trustees were nominated.

1906: A clock on Tower Masjid in Kholvad was installed.

1914: The Madressa was officially registered as Madressa Anjuman Islamia of Kholvad (MAIK).

1916: Mr Haji Hassenjee donated his property on 17th Street, Vrededorp to MAIK.

1917–1932: This period was referred to as the “Dangorian Era” under the leadership of Moosajee Suliman Dangor (referred to as MS). This was a pivotal period in the history of the MAIK as substantial growth and development occurred during his tenure.

1922: Water Works built in India with support from MAIK-SA

Hajee Suliman Ahmed Cajee established the Kholvad Hostel in Johannesburg for the school-going sons of out of town Kholvadians who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to attend school.

1924: Procurement of property at 27 Market Street, Johannesburg.

This is the current site of the MAIK Offices.

1934: S. M. Desai, M. H. Khota and G. H. I. Pahad were elected to run a Madressa in Kholvad.

They passed a ruling preventing corporal punishment (caning).

1935: Commencement of the Electricity Supply Kholvad Electricity Supply Commission that provided electricity to main streets and into homes in Kholvad.

1939 – 1942: Dr Dadoo influential in the building of a school in Kholvad. Land was donated by Joe Patel & Family of Bloemhof.

1940s: MAIK purchased property in Pageview, Johannesburg to augment its investment portfolio. Later under the apartheid regime these properties were expropriated.

1941-43: Renovations undertaken to the 27 Market Street Property as recommended by Dr Dadoo.

The Kholvad Welfare Society was established in Carolina, Mpumalanga.

A meeting of the National Committee of the Bengal Relief Fund was held in Kholvad House Boardroom, Johannesburg. This was done in order to raise funds for the victims of Bengal who suffered immense poverty through losses during a severe drought.

1945: Floods in Kholvad

1947: Signing of the Dadoo-Xuma-Naicker Pact, also known as the “three doctors pact’ in the Kholvad House Boardroom.

1959: MAIK purchased KG Holdings Property in Swaziland.

1962: New Madressa in India – land donated by Dadabhay Family.

MAIK purchased property in Manzini, Swaziland.

1964: Mr. Saleem Saley (brother of Bachoori Saleh) was banned from

attending MAIK AGMs by the apartheid regime and placed under house arrest for 10 years

1972: Mr. A. E. Khota (also known as Quarter) assisted Kholvadians in South Africa to relocate to Canada.

1974: MAIK purchased CIFAD Property in Pietermaritzburg for R312 000 -00.

Mr. Saleem Saleh’s banning order lifted and he began attending AGMs again.

1987: MAIK Purchased property in Benoni.

1988: MAIK Board Members attended conference of sister organisation in Kholvad.

1991: Sale of Mint Road property in Fordsburg.

MAIK purchased a share in the “Capital City Centre” syndication.

2000: Purchase of property in Witfield.

2001: MAIK applied for compensation in respect of properties expropriated during apartheid.

2003-2004: MAIK were compensated R40 000. 00 for each property expropriated under the Land Restoration Project.

2005-2006: MAIK purchased property in Rustenburg.

MAIK Board Members attended Canada’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.

2007: Sale of Witfield Property.

2010: Greenside Property purchased, Johannesburg.

Sale of Benoni Property. Sale of Rustenburg property.

2012: MAIK member (Mr FE Bhabha) attended Centenary Celebrations in India.

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Madressa Anjuman Islamia of Kholvad South Africa

Madressa Anjuman Islamia of Kholvad South Africa