Mission Statement

To operate within the guidelines laid out in the Holy Quran and follow the path of our Holy Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace be upon him.

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5th Floor, Kholvad House

27 Market Street

Johannesburg, South Africa

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PO Box 6590

Johannesburg 2000


Tel +27 11 834 4610

Fax +27 11 836 2498

اسلام اليكم

Peace be upon you and welcome

The Madressa is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The purpose of this website is to provide information relating to the affairs of the Kholvad Madressa.

The primary objective of our association is to provide; being a community based organisation, for the secular and religious need, as well as to provide aid and relief to members of our community, who are indigent and are found to be in impoverished circumstances.

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Flats to Rent

Kholvad House and Greenside

Call 011 834 4610 for more info.