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Notice is hereby given that the 103rd AGM will be held on Sunday the 12th of March 2017 @ 10.30am @ LMA Centre, Duck Ave, Lenasia

  • Opening with Qiraat and Duaa.
  • To read the Notice of the AGM.
  • To read minutes of the previous AGM.
  • To deal with matters arising therefrom.
  • To read and discuss the Chairman’s Report.
  • To read and discuss the Secretarial Report.
  • To receive and consider the Audited Financial Statements.
  • Constitution – Amendments to Constitution**
  • To elect Members to the Board of Management.
  • To elect Directors and Auditors in place of those retiring in terms of the Articles of Association.
  • To transact any other business which may be transacted at an AGM.

All members are requested to attend.

By Order of the Board.

**A copy of the proposed amendments is available @ Kholvad House 27 Market Str Johannesburg 0118344610

Call: +27 11 834 4610

Madressa Anjuman Islamia of Kholvad South Africa

Madressa Anjuman Islamia of Kholvad South Africa